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Anonymous asked
do you know a good site that has a step by step instruction on making bleachers?




Sorry I don’t as I’ve been making them for years.

I’d just google “how to make bleachers” Anon, but it’s dead simple to do.

Put jeans in bath unfolded. Pick up bleach. Go apeshit and throw bleach all over the jeans. Leave them alone for 45 mins. Turn jeans over. Repeat apeshit bleach throwing. Leave for a further 45 mins. Keep an eyemail on them until the bleach turns the jeans your desired colour. Wash twice WITH NO OTHER CLOTHES. enjoy your rad new bleachers.

Well put there Jonny.

I always wadded them up and tied some string around them and put them in a bucket of bleach. It’s easy to make them completely white if you lay them out flat.